About SkillUp Naija

SkillUp Naija is a project set up to encourage and support Nigerians who are passionate about creativity, invention, and innovation. The mission is to find, develop and unveil to the world, Nigerians who have and can show exceptional creativity in the area of technical, engineering, vocational and digital skills. Our vision is to have a Nigeria where creative craftsmen are encouraged and enabled to develop and pursue their talents.

Our Objectives

  1. Encourage and support skills acquisition and development in Nigeria by striving to ensure that every individual in Nigeria acquires at least a skill.
  2. Find, nurture, develop and showcase creative talents through partnerships with government, organizations, communities, and academic institutions.
  3. Encourage and empower SMEs in Nigeria
  4. In the long term, we aim to develop empowered multi-gifted individuals who will positively affect their communities and country giving them the foundation to also carry out the philanthropic tasks in their environment.

In pursuit of this, Skillup Naija periodically organizes an online competition in which contestants compete for a large cash prize and other important prizes by showcasing their creativity, inventions, and vision in the area of technical, engineering, vocational and digital skills. Register Now


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SkillUp Naija